Pattonville’s one-to-one initiative provides tools to enhance, extend learning districtwide
Pattonville’s one-to-one initiative provides tools to enhance, extend learning districtwide
Friday, September 8, 2017
This year marks a milestone for the Pattonville School District. Pattonville is now a "one-to-one" district for kindergarten through 12th grade. This means all students have their own laptops or tablets assigned to them for coursework and study for the entire school year.

Elementary students (kindergarten through fifth grade) each have their own iPad to use. The devices are kept at school at all times and used as appropriate for the grade level and the lesson. In sixth through 12th grades, students have laptops for use at school and home, allowing them to learn any time, any place.

Dr. Tim Pecoraro, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, said the devices are important academic tools.

"Having one-to-one at grades six through 12 allows all students to access learning 24 hours a day, seven days a week," he said. "Everything students need related to their classes is on the device."

These resources include online textbooks and assignments and the opportunity to ask teachers questions when they're not in the classroom.

"In addition, the devices give students the ability to conduct research and extend learning outside of the regular school day," Pecoraro said. "The devices are also a great way to personalize learning for students. Our younger students are able to use iPads to practice skills as well as extend what they're learning in class."

Pecoraro emphasized that technology isn't the focus for Pattonville's one-to-one initiative. The focus is on supporting students' learning.

"Technology shouldn't be the source of the learning, but a way to support the process," he said. "If you visit our classrooms, you'd see a blended environment. At times, students are using their computers or iPads to complete assignments, conduct research, take notes, reinforce skills, etc. Other times, their devices are put away and teachers might be lecturing or students might be working individually or in small groups."

Being a one to one district means schools now have the opportunity to use a variety of ways to teach and reinforce content to students.

"It allows for a more personalized learning environment," Pecoraro said.